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Medium Roast

Creamy, Cherry, Caramel

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Some customers think this coffee tastes: Creamy, Cherry, Caramel


The Cerrado Region has all the conditions to produce coffee. During the dry season, humidity is low, temperatures are lighter, and the coffee quality is accentuated. Defined seasons, soil and topography combined with experienced crop management, provides everything we need to deliver the best coffee.

Danilo Barbosa is a fourth generation coffee farmer who is carrying the family tradition forward with his sons and their family members. For the past two years, The Barbosa family has concentrated countless efforts on the improvement of the production processes and management. Danilo has always shown concern for the environment and has always taken care of nature, today he adds more than 186 hectares of the nature reserve. At the present, plans are been executed in order to certify the properties, to learn more on how to preserve the environment and to produce a 100% sustainable coffee.

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